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Medieval Stiltwalkers

If you are involved in organising a historical medieval event or wedding then let us provide you with the very best in high quality medieval  stiltwalkers and stilt walkabout acts.
Stiltwalkers performing meet and greet and entertaining on the move are guaranteed to create a real impression on your guests as these larger than life medieval characters cannot be missed.

medieval maiden stiltwalkerOur lovely medieval maiden in her striking and beautifully made costume is a perfect meet and greet stilt act for medieval themed weddings, Balls, and events.

She attracts attention wherever she goes and will be an excellent addition to any medieval event

feudal knight stiltwalkerOur Stiltwalking medieval knight may stand tall but he only does because he is standing on the heads of two grumbling peasants.


A firm believer in the feudal system he is out and about looking for his missing horse - the peasants may grumble and occasionaly revolt but he doesn't worry about them.

Lots of fun and always popular this medieval stiltwalker is a knight  to remember

medieval stiltwalking dragonPerfect for St Georges day events, fairytale themes and any medieval event this friendly Dragon can be booked buy you and we promise he will be good.

Accompanied by his dragon riding princess and also by a stiltwalking knight in armour they will certainly cause a stir at your event.


The dragon is very inquisitive and likes to meet everyone so expect plenty of attention when they go on walkabout

Stiltwalking medieval princessOur lovely stilt walking medieval maiden is a true fairytale princess - she is on the look out for a prince and willmingle at your event as she searches for him.

A lovely costume and plenty of interaction from this lovely stilt character

Juggling jester stiltwalker for medieval eventsThis fun stiltwalker is a comedy character whose bright and cheerful costume is hard to miss.

A fantastic juggler he will entertain on the move with jokes and jests, juggling tricks and stunts - great for any outdoor eventor a s a meet and greet