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Jesters and Jugglers

We have Jesters who Juggle, Comedy Jesters, Jester Stiltwalkers, Walkabout Jesters and multi-skilled Jesters who perform shows. They can lead the entertainment at your Banquet or entertain at an outdoor event but are always lots of fun. Alongside the Jesters we have medieval Jugglers and Fire Performers who will bring excitement to your event

“Medieval Entertainers will make your event come alive”

Jake the Jester for medieval eventsComedy Jester, Juggler and medieval Magician, Jake combines his skills to great effect entertaining young and old with walkabout and shows.

Jake is at home performing at outdoor themed events - he specialises in street shows but he is also an excellent performer at medieval banquets where his specialist mix of juggling and magic come into their own.

Whether performing for a crowd or around tables Jakes blend of comedy and skill which ensure that you have created a memorable event.

jester duo for medieval eventsThis duo of jesters specialise in a mix of comedy, surreal medieval entertainment and high level juggling skills. They will have you laughing at their jokes and jests and amazed at their stunts and tricks.


A perfect addition to any outdoor themed medieval event they are also perfectly at home in medieval banquet settings where they will entertain as guests arrive, during  receptions and provide entertainment between courses.

Their brightly coloured costumes and lively performance will cause a stir and help you to create a memorable medieval event.


minstrel jester for Medieval EventsOur Minstrel jester is a great asset as a walkabout act at your event - his playing and singing will entertain both young and old as he combines comedy and music to great effect. He is also a very experienced banquet and medieval feast performer who will help to create an authentic atmosphere as a meet and greet entertainer as guests arrive and during the meal when he will entertain between courses with music and song, medieval jests and games which will help to create a lively and fun atmosphere.

Juggling Mark Jester for medieval eventsJuggling Mark is a specialist Juggling Jester who has performed at numerous medieval themed events. His juggling skills include juggling with fire and knives and he entertains with both walkabout performance and shows. Perfect for a medieval festival and a great asset at medieval themed evenings his act will enhance any medieval event.